We understand that pursuing a higher education is a big financial commitment, but don’t let the cost of study deter you. There are many creative ways to raise funds for Zoe Leadership College, and our student body is full of testimonies of God’s provision.

Here are some fees to keep in mind as you plan:

Initial Fees : Application fee $75

Leadership Program :
$2,000 a semester to be paid before orientation start date to Zoe Church

Annual Total: $4,000.00 to be paid to Zoe Church

Degree Course :
Yearly Tuition: $7,080.00
Tuition covers the cost of your classes only; books and fees are additional. Tuition is charged per credit hour. Tuition listed is based on 15 credits per semester (for 2 semesters) with the practicum scholarship applied.

Site Fee: $4,000.00
The site fee covers expenses related to student development and classroom facilities. The site fee is charged at a flat rate per semester. The annual fee (2 semesters) is listed.

Technology Fee: $300.00
The technology fee covers the cost of facilitating online classes. This is a flat rate per year.

Annual Total: $11,380.00 to be paid to Southeastern University