Zoe Leadership College and Zoe Church are located in the heart of Los Angeles in West Hollywood. Student housing is available for an additional fee based upon availability. Student housing provides the opportunity to have convenient living arrangements while attending Zoe Leadership College. Students are able to build strong relationships within the student housing community and gain the full experience of student life. 

ZLC students are housed in Park La Brea ApartmentsThis central location allows access to most of the city’s main attractions, shopping centers, Zoe Leadership College Offices and more! Each unit houses 4-5 students per unit. Students may request a roommate, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to fill the request based on availability. 


There is an additional application for Student Housing. Each student requesting housing is required to submit a $250 non-refundable deposit at the time of their application in order to hold their place. 


Housing for married couples is available upon request. Both individuals must be attending Zoe Leadership College in order to be considered for housing. Individuals will assume full responsibility for monthly rent. Discounted Student Housing cost does not apply.