ZOE Leadership College is a full-time, fully-accredited college and leadership degree program for young adults in Los Angeles, California. Applying for ZLC is the first step toward one of the best decisions you can make for your life. It’s a life-changing experience that will fully equip you for whatever God has called you to do.

We partner with Southeastern University to host an instructional site on our church campus and offer various college degree programs to ZLC students. By combining hands-on ministry experience with world-class education, students will be prepared to make a lasting impact in the local community and beyond.

ZLC students are provided with a one-of-a-kind student life experience complete with apartment-style dorms and fun on-campus events all while living in Los Angeles. In addition to serving the church community and local missions efforts, students serve our global community through an international missions trip.

As a ZLC student, you will be equipped with a foundation of confidence, capability, and education to become the leader that God has created you to become. You were born to lead, so apply today!

Ministry Leadership Program 
This Program is a supervised, directed ministry experience for students in their specific area(s) of ministry passion and calling. It integrates ministry experience, academic studies, and personal and spiritual development. This program engages multiple ministries within ZOE Church: Worship & Production, Film, Pastoral Studies, Children, Youth and Family Ministries, and Church Operations in a local church context.
Annual Total Cost: $4,000.00 

In partnership with Southeastern University, we offer a wide range of degree programs taught by SEU professors who are committed to helping you on the career path of your choice. In addition to the education they will receive, our students will also develop a strong understanding of biblical principles and hands-on experience of serving in the local church.
  • Yearly Tuition: $7,080.00
    • Tuition covers the cost of your classes only; books and fees are additional. Tuition is charged per credit hour. Tuition listed is based on 15 credits per semester (for 2 semesters) with the practicum scholarship applied.
  • Site Fee: $4,000.00
    • The site fee covers expenses related to student development and classroom facilities. The site fee is charged at a flat rate per semester. The annual fee (2 semesters) is listed.
  • Technology Fee: $300.00
    • The technology fee covers the cost of facilitating online classes. This is a flat rate per year.
Annual Total: $11,380.00 to be paid to Southeastern University